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The bus system is run by the main local utility provider Stadtwerke Lindau.Additionally RBA and the Zweiländer-line of Austrias "Landbus Unterland" also operate from Lindau.The historic town of Lindau is located on an 0.68-square-kilometre (0.26 sq mi) island, which is connected with the mainland by a road-traffic bridge and a railway dam leading to Lindau station.The first use of the name Lindau was documented in 882 by a monk from St.Lindau first followed the Tetrapolitan Confession, and then the Augsburg Confession.In 1655, after the Thirty Years' War, the first Lindauer Kinderfest (children's festival) was held, in memory of the war.Gallen, stating that Adalbert (count of Raetia) had founded a nunnery on the island. In 1224 the Franciscans founded a monastery on the island.However the remains of an early Roman settlement dating back to the 1st century have been found in the district of Aeschach. In 1274/75 Lindau became an Imperial Free City under King Rudolf I.

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Lindau Hauptbahnhof is Lindau's main station and is located on Lindau Island, however it is planned that the station will be improved and compliemented by development of a station in Reutin district on the mainland by 2018.

The city went to Karl August von Bretzenheim who gave Lindau and the monastery to the Kingdom of Austria in 1804. In 1853 a dam was built to connect the railway from Munich to the island.

In 1856 a new harbour was built, with its characteristic landmarks, the lion sculpture and Bavaria's only lighthouse.

In 1922 the independent districts of Aeschach, Hoyren and Reutin merged with the Lindau district.

After World War II, Lindau fell under French administration and went firstly to Württemberg-Hohenzollern and then to the State of Baden-Württemberg. Lindau is located near the meeting point of the Austrian, German and Swiss borders and is nestled on the lake in front of Austria's Pfänder mountain.

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