Statistics about violence in teen dating relationships

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In this page we use “dating” as an inclusive term covering the range of adolescent romantic relationships ranging from casual, episodic encounters to longer-term, committed relationships. TDV can include physical abuse—things like hitting, pushing, slapping, or strangling a dating partner.

Are frequent texts just chatting and checking in, or are they an attempt to control?

Keep an eye on your child’s digital habits, especially if changes in those habits seem to coincide with negative changes in other life habits and hobbies.

Good strategies for engagement include asking your kids to add you to their social networking sites, talking with them about technology and safety, and simply asking them how things are going.

TDV may include sexual violence including any kind of unwanted or forced sexual contact.

Sexual control may also include reproductive coercion where an abuser sabotages his partner’s birth control, forces pregnancy and/or determines the outcome of the victim’s pregnancies.

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