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however, my email address remains active, so if you wanna be social, send it that way.

xx If you're browsing or popping in be kind just leave a message xxxxxxx I’m a CD From Leeds UK I Love dressing Femme and been out and about on the scene now for over 6 years.

I' M 5'6" AND SLIM BUILD (SIZE 12-14 & 38C). 2017 ***26 December 2017*** Thank you everyone who sent me Birthday greetings, for awhile there I was taken away from my reality......other sad news, a good friend died of the big C and now I learn my best man (wedding) has liver cancer!life just isn't getting any better and I'd hoped 2017 couldn't get any worse than 2016... Still missing everyone and I try to keep up to date with everyone following your antics as best I can....This presents me with the option to use an old Weight Watchers trick—the one-point cupcake. And of course, you can use any white cake recipe you’d like. When you’re three colours in, start doing the reverse with the other pan.Except I’m making a cake and I created my own frosting. I’ve seen it done before, but I swear I made it up first! This is just how I make it because I have delusions of wearing size 2 someday. Since I’m going in rainbow order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, I got from red to yellow in the first pan, then purple, blue, green in the second.

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