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Routing audio and video through a Google server means that your call with a family member in the next town, or your colleague in the other building, could end up traveling farther than needed.

Instead, a peer-to-peer connection allows the audio and video to be sent directly, allowing for the best possible quality.

Peer-to-peer connections are used only for calls with two participants.

If any additional participants join, Hangouts will immediately go back to sending and receiving data using the connection to the Google server.

The audio and video are then relayed to the people in the call.

(The IP address is like a phone number; in order for the two devices to speak to each other, they need to know how to contact each other.) Though this happens in the background, it may be possible for a highly motivated and technically proficient person to discover the participants’ IP addresses, which can be used to approximate location. For organizations with internal networks, a peer-to-peer call where both parties are on the network would take place primarily within the network.If connection cannot be established, it falls back to FMS.We do not need a complete system, just configurable flash part, which we then can embed in the workflow presented on web pages.We hope to bring this functionality to other devices in the future.Peer-to-peer connections improve almost all two-participant Hangouts calls.

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