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A minimum age is the youngest the object can possibly be.A maximum age is the oldest the object can possibly be. But they obviously have to have been made first, so 1920 is the maximum age of the burial.Sedimentary rocks are generally hard to date because common cements like silica don't have datable radioisotopes, and minerals like glauconite that are common in sedimentary rocks are very prone to resetting.If only there were long-lived isotopes of silicon, calcium, and magnesium!Imagine we have an undiscovered element, Parentium, that has a radioactive isotope, Parentium-123, which decays to stable Daughterium-123.

In particular, quartzites and carbonate rocks almost always don't have enough to permit dating.

We could be sure that a mineral containing parentium originally had no daughterium.

If the mineral contained 1 part per million Parentium-123 and 3 parts per million Daughterium-123, we could be sure all the Daughterium-123 was originally Parentium-123.

Rubidium-strontium dating is more robust, and uranium-lead dating can survive fairly significant metamorphism without resetting.

If a system gains or loses isotopes in a predictable way, it may be possible to estimate the loss and correct the age.

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