Question to ask when dating a guy

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It’s nowhere close to a proposal, but it’s still a step closer to making him like you.#4 Weekend plans Ask him what he does over the weekend.And when he does tell you what he does on the weekend, fake a happy surprise and tell him you like doing that too!If you’re not sure of his weekend activity, you could just tell him that you’ve always wanted to try that.Insist and tell him it’s the least you can do for helping you out.And once you’re out there on a *date* with him, make him see your good side and be awed by you.

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And after he’s done helping you, thank him with your sweetest smile and reward him with coffee or a homemade lunch.

[Read: Sure signs a guy is into you] #5 Let him know your routine If a guy has to ask you out, he has to miss you now and then. Then this would be the perfect way to get to spend more together time with him.

During one of your conversations, let him know what you do every evening after work or college, especially if you have a neighborhood café where you like relaxing after the regular 9 to 5, or hit a particular gym every day.

If he lives nearby, there’s a good chance he may have some time on his hands and he may even look forward to spending time with you.

If you drop a hint and let him know about your routine, he may even end up bumping into you on a regular basis.

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