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Is it true that his hairdresser was so famous they wrote an opera about him? Well, I stole my brother's Care Bear, but I don't go on about it. Midge is also known for being the best mate of Sir Bob Geldof... That was like two really jolly farmers singing at me ... You're really ruining my "I'm the young guy" thing here.(turns to camera) And that's this week's viewer's question, so what would that opera be called? and for his cheeky catchphrase "Where's my sodding knighthood? With your simple friends that you collected in a glade out in the woods"... Like you've just grown some excellent marrows and you're like, [He puts on a Cornish accent] "Let's turn up 'round Howard's house and sing him a little ditty...". Normally I get away with being the young person, being under thirty-five and able to name the Sugababes. [To Krishnan] Do you ever have coughing in the Channel 4 studio?JT’s gran had already let the cat out the bag when she let slip the date and the location of the big day.

But the Scottish chart topper wasn’t so keen on sharing when she managed to arrange her big day in Montenegro and go incognito to wed marine biologist Adam Gouraguine in his homeland in September. Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman Another cat that got the cream was cat woman vixen, Anne Hathaway, who wed US Dukes of Hazzards actor, Adam Shulman, on a secluded Californian estate, also in September.The former Neighbours actress did agree to share snaps of her dramatic shredded lace J’Aton Couture frock to the world, to her fans’ delight. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Also tip-toeing off to tie-the-knot were America’s golden couple Ryan Reynolds and Gossip Girl starlet Blake Lively.The picture perfect pair made sure nobody was taking a picture when they invited Florence and the Machine to play out their wedding music under a large tent in Mt.Here, we look at the Top 10 celebrity weddings of 2012… Caroline Flack and Louis Walsh It was one of the biggest showbiz stories of the year – the 32-year-old Xtra Factor host donned a white dress and walked down the aisle with 60-year-old veteran judge Louis.Ok, so it might have been a sham affair but there’s no way our top 10 celebrity weddings could miss Caroline Flack and Louis Walsh’s Las Vegas nuptials.

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