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She has repeatedly criticised Sturgeon for allowing her constitutional obsession to get in the way of the day job.Voters are clearly finding these arguments compelling, and it appears they could be losing faith in the SNP.Having lost all of its Westminster seats but one in 2015, it secured seven in Thursday’s poll, giving a much-needed fillip to Kezia Dugdale, its leader at Holyrood.The Lib Dems, who had also been cut to a single seat last time around, increased their haul to four.Salmond lost to Tory Colin Clark, who in his victory speech declared ‘the silent majority have spoken — we’re proud to be part of the United Kingdom’. In 2015, the share of the vote won by pro-UK parties in Scotland was 48.7pc. A bigger blow to the Nationalists came when Angus Robertson, their impressive leader at Westminster, was turfed out of his Moray seat.Across the North, the central belt and the Borders, large, often five-digit majorities won just two years ago were swept away in the electoral whirlwind.

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The General Election result north of the border was eye-poppingly savage and, in its way, thumpingly decisive.Nicola Sturgeon has been put on notice: up your game or at the next Holyrood elections in 2021, you could be out on your ear.There was no mercy shown on a night when reputation counted for nothing.And on a night of crisis at Westminster, for those of a unionist persuasion it provided a moment of cheer.Where Theresa May fell short, the seemingly unstoppable Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, delivered in spades.

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