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You’ve read eyewitness accounts, historians’ analysis of the events, and doctors’ descriptions of the injuries Mr. Entire battalion of horses and men worked on the victim for 45 minutes, but could not put him back together again.

After reviewing all your material, you think The last “if only” in the preceding list gives you an idea for a thesis, which you turn into a sentence: The emphasis on militarism in the training of the king’s men led to the tragic demise of Humpty Dumpty.

Despite being a relatively young industry, online dating has already become one of the most profitable types of business to be found on the Internet.

Online dating services currently attract millions of users every day, and the industry as a whole is making hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

If you can, do some statistical analysis to see which factors matter and which are simply coincidence.

Is your curiosity piqued by anything you’ve written?

This method is particularly helpful for history projects. Look for moments when the entire course of historical events might have changed, if only one decision or one detail had been different.

For example, suppose you’re writing about a famous incident involving Humpty Dumpty. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the story, here are the “facts” of the case: Victim: Humpty Dumpty, male egg Physical description: Round but delicate build, oval face, pale complexion Age: Fresh Date of incident: Nineteenth century Place: King’s walled courtyard Description of incident: Victim had a great fall from a wall approximately ten feet high. King’s horses and king’s men arrived within ten minutes.

Then ask yourself what should be changed to bring about those improvements. What should be changed to bring about that improvement?

The addition of calcium supplements to the water supply, a change in the design of palace architecture, additional training in egg gluing for emergency medical personnel, or something else?

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