Jimin and jinhwan dating website

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Ji Yong pouted and simply pulled you out as you gasped. You winced softly when Ji Yong pushed you to the wall behind, finally breaking the kiss. Photos of Kiko and G-Dragon dating recently in October hanging out in their regular hideout had been realeased by Dispatch, the media.

"Aigoo..." Ji Yong whined like a child and stomped his feet, pretending to be angry. " "But...we'll get caught here..." you mumbled worriedly. You moaned softly as he wrapped his arms around you tighter, raising his palms to your back.

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YOU ARE READING Short Story - ̗̀the jimin effect ̖́- #LOVE_YOURSELF 『 b e s t r a n k s 』 Seventeen One Shots #27 in Short Story #14 in Fanfiction Jimin One Shots #80 in Poetry #332 in Short Story BTS One Shots | Pt 1 #51 in Short Story #463 in Fanfiction BTS One Sho... "You seem really out of thoughts today." "N-nothing..." you mumbled, keeping your head low.

He pressed his hands on your shoulders as you kept your head low. You smiled and raised your hands to his back, pulling him into a hug. It's 100% real and don't deceive yourself. It's definitely Ji Yong Kiko as well as 2NE1's stylist; Xin, was there.

Ji Yong raised an eyebrow and lifted your chin to look at him. "Just forget about everything and have fun with me." Ji Yong smiled. If you ain't convince, go check it out at the website given below! I don't actually mind as long as Kiko has a good character.

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