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The original DVD release of 'Galaxina' (cleverly dubbed the "25 1/2 Year Anniversary Edition") was a rather poor presentation of very cheap source material.I have the same general impression of this HD DVD -- it does offer a slight upgrade over standard-def, but we're talking about a 1980s drive-in flick here, so it's hard to get all that excited.The print is in weak shape, with plenty of speckles and dropouts, and lots and lots of grain.While I could be generous and say 'Galaxina' is very "film-like," in this case the lack of sharpness, weak blacks and lame contrast just make the transfer look bad.' and continued on with such hits as 'Spaceballs.' While Sachs' brand of humor is very benign and quite hit-or-miss, there is a bit of fun to be had in 'Galaxina' in spotting all the references, which does give the film a bit of retro-charm.Without a doubt, however, the biggest draw of 'Galaxina' will always remain our continued fascination with the late Stratten.

Tits and ass were a valuable commodity back then, and damn if we didn't appreciate it.In hindsight, however, one must give credit to writer-director William Sachs (who previously had a cult hit with 'The Incredible Melting Man') for being somewhat ahead of his time in terms of satire.With its obvious parodies of then-current hit movies (everything from 'Star Wars,' 'Star Trek' and 'ALIEN' to 'The Wiz' and 'Grease'), 'Galaxina' prefigures the spoof-movie boom that began with 'Airplane!Shortly after completing 'Galaxina,' the actress would be murdered by her obsessive boyfriend (a chilling story famously depicted in Bob Fosse's 'Star 80'), and the pall of her tragic death hangs over every frame of the film.She may not be a master thespian, but she has a natural appeal with the camera, which for me makes 'Galaxina' hard to laugh off simply as camp.

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