Eclipse crashes updating maven indexes

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Eclipse was not able to search dependency in Maven central repository.

To resolve the problem, I have proceeded as described in my first post, the warning message disappeared but downloading the index never achieve.

I received emails from my readers that some of them not able to add dependency in Maven project even in older versions of Eclipse e.g. It is totally due to absent of artifact index file.

One you enable "Download repository Index updates on startup" option and restart Eclipse, you will see that Eclipse is updating index at the bottom right corner, once this update this finish, you would be able to add dependency using Eclipse Maven GUI.

nexus Nexus Public Mirror * Any ideas how to make m2eclipse to index properly? maven eclipse-plugin nexus | this question asked Jul 13 '11 at tim 36 1 2 | 1 Answersup vote 6 down vote I had the same problem: it happens, i believe, when the local m2e index becomes corrupted, mainly when an Eclipse/VM crash occurs.

I have found that, for my configuration, the index resides in .m2/repository/.cache/m2e I closed Eclipse, deleted all the subfolders inside that folder, and I fixed the problem.

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