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I will definitely be praying that you receive clarity on this much needed transition in your life. If her son didn't end up a star she'd be turning tricks right now. Tell that to the police officer...who's havin an issue at home and presses you out with a vengence! What if Garnett didn't know it was his mom and threw her down?? He had every right (in that situation) to tell her to sit her ass down!! Obviously you don’t have any respect for yours either.I know a hot club: = - [_ which is a dating service for Cougars and Young Men or Sugar Daddy and young girl to find their true love. Tell that to the cashier who just found out her kids sick and can't leave work! That's what wrong with society has respected for anyone not even their own MOTHERS. As a matter of fact on the night this game happened we talked about the incident and SHE agreed that Le Bron was not wrong in THAT situation.Someone should tell Gloria that men can be groupies too.From Tattle There [are] several pictures of Da Real Lambo stunning on his instagram.She probably shouldn't have dated an athlete on her son's team. I don't care if he is a grown ass man, he's always gonna be her "baby". Personally I think Delonte must have either been jealous of Lebron or had maaad hate in his heart for Lebron because you do something like that to ya enemies..your teammates..shame!! what does he has to gain telling Lebron's business. LBJ should be in the ECF right now but his own mother can't be trusted to help him by not causing an embarrassment like this. I agree with the announcer I blame his mother more so than Delonte. I hope that Delonte and Lebron go on to have long careers.Also, I know looks don't mean everything, but what did Delonte see in Le Bron's mother? I think this is an attempt to defame Lebron's character. It was evident that something was wrong with Lebron but even if he played Lebron's ball he probably still would not have made it past the celtics. It's how "we" chop each other down all the time in our communities. » EXCLUSIVE: Reginae Carter’s Response To Her Beef With Khia Actually Shocked Us » EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Destiny Would Never Do A Fake PR Relationship, So Her Coupledom With Keith Powers Is REAL!Wow he is really reaping the benefits from being Lebron’s soon to be step dad.If he really loves her thats great but how awkward is it if your boyfriend is secretly wanting to be your sons BFF!!!

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But I truly believe that maybe he's jealous of Lebron and he knew this would cut him deep emotionally so he did it intentionally to hurt him. SMDH i can understand why lebron was off on his game. But when your son is worth over 100million - you cant put him in those kinds of situations where he now has to protect you. Now you don't have to agree with me or respond, but please no further assumptions about the relationship between MY mother and I. I'd rather you mention someone more credible than this fool. Seek Interracial.c o m_]= which is a hot community for whites and blacks to find their interracial love. He always talked about his mom in interviews about how much he loves and respects her for raising him by herself and now this!!?? The mother shouldn't have an affair with her son's team mate! Moms pulling young meat...hate the game..not the player!

Recently Lebron was in France with his soon to be wife and family and I guess Lambo got to tag along!

Lebron must like this guy cause he is everywhere with them.

After dating a number of NBA bench riders, the 40-something Cougar landed a young rapper by the name of Da Real Lambo, according to Tattle Tailzz blog.

Judging from all the photos posted on Lambo’s social media website, Gloria seems to be smitten with Lambo, but Lambo may be more smitten with Gloria’s son, Miami Heat superstar Le Bron James.

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